Our Frigo Service provides quality service of home appliances, air conditioners, professional catering equipment and household appliances in the areas of Budva, Kotor and Tivat. We get the job done fast, with quality and professionalism in the field at very reasonable prices. Our team have a very large experience in the maintenance and service of the home appliances, air conditions, built-in appliances and professional restaurant equipment.
The price for coming on the spot and observing the damage by our experts is charged 10 euros.


If any of the appliances is damaged and you need service for washing machine, dishwasher, electric stove and refrigerator, you should know that our service is the most efficient one. The price for coming on the spot and checking the damage by our experts is 10 euros charge. Major home appliances are necessary for normal functioning of every household and that is why we come in shortest period of time and repair damage on the spot. We repair:

  • Washing machines and dishwashers
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Electric stoves
  • Water heaters
  • Built-in appliances


Regular service of air conditioners is important for ensuring their longevity and proper functioning. Air quality is the most important factor for the user who stays in the room and depends on the quality and cleanliness of the filters in the indoor unit of the air conditioner. How often will you do services on your air conditioner, will depend on the filters, the purpose of the room which is built for and the number of smokers in it. All manufacturers suggest to clean as often as possible your air conditioner in order to ensure smooth air flow and function of the device. And that’s why we provide services of:

  • Split air conditioning systems
  • Multi-Split air conditioning systems
  • Inverter air conditions


Professional catering equipment is not cheap, so buying new pieces can be a big expense for you. However, there is a way to prevent unnecessary expenses. By performing regular preventive maintenance of professional catering equipment, we can reduce the risk of its failure, increase productivity of the equipment and ensure that the equipment is safe to use. Professional catering equipment requires regular and professional maintence and servicing. Our technicians are well trained and equipped with special service vehicles, tools and spare parts. We provide services of:

  • Barbecues
  • Electric stoves
  • Pizza ovens
  • Fryers
  • Toasters
  • Showcases



One of your home appliances is broken? Don’t worry. Major appliances and small household appliances are our specialty. We will repair everything, whether it’s a toaster, mixer, coffee machine or other similar device. The price for coming on the spot and checking the damage by our experts is charged 10 euros and after our technical check and diagnoses of your device, if necessary, we will pick up and transport the item to our central service free of charged. We repair:

  • Radiators
  • Coffee machines
  • Fryers
  • Hair dryers
  • Toasters


In addition to our service, we also can provide you a wide range of very well-preserved used home appliances of various brand and models from washing machines, dishwashers to hair dryers, toasters etc.. Check our offer and find device that you need at best possible price.



We also offer a large selection of spare parts for major home appliances, refrigeration and air conditioning, professional catering equipment and small household appliances. We sell spare parts for all types of dishwashers, kitchen appliances and Laundromats. We work only with original spare parts which guarantees the quality and durability.